No binary target

I am following the diesel instructions of how to connect to a database and show posts. I first had to create a lib and Cargo created the application with the following files in the src folder:

I then created a file called where I entered the following code

extern crate diesel_demo;
extern crate diesel;

use self::diesel_demo::*;
use self::models::*;
use self::diesel::prelude::*;

fn main(){
    use diesel_demo::schema::posts::dsl::*;

    let connection = establish_connection();
    let result = posts.filter(published.eq(true)).limit(5).load::<Post>(&connection).expect("Error loading posts");

    println!("Displaying {} posts", result.len());
    for post in result{
        println!("{}", post.title);
        println!("{}", post.body);

According to diesel I am able to run the code and I should not get any result cause there are no posts. It says to run the command cargo run --bin show_posts which I did. I got the following error
error: a bin target must be available for cargo run
why am I getting this error pls?
The instructions is on this page Getting Started

Did you put the file in the bin directory?


Ok thanks that solved it but now I get another error from the schema created by diesel

error[E0277]: the trait bound `i32: FromSql<diesel::sql_types::Unsigned<BigInt>, Mysql>` is not satisfied
  --> src/bin/
12 |     let result = posts.filter(published.eq(true)).limit(5).load::<Post>(&connection).expect("Error loading posts");
   |                                                            ^^^^ the trait `FromSql<diesel::sql_types::Unsigned<BigInt>, Mysql>` is not implemented for `i32`

I am using MySQL and not postgres and diesel created that schema file for me

Do you have the mysql feature enabled? The tutorial assumes you're using postgres and only enables that

diesel = { version = "1.4.4", features = ["mysql"] }
dotenv = "0.15.0"

Here is my toml file

name = "diesel_demo"
version = "0.1.0"
edition = "2018"

# See more keys and their definitions at

diesel = { version = "1.4.4", features = ["mysql"] }
dotenv = "0.15.0"

You can't use i32 here. Use an u64 instead.

Working thank you could you please tell me why i32 is not working?

Because the database could contain a number that doesn't fit in an i32.

Thank you!

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