Newbie - need help

Hi all,

I tried with Rust actix sample code but I do not know what is wrong in this case, may someone please kindly help to explain me, that is really valid to keep me understand grow.

this is my code:

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It's pub async fn, not async pub fn.


Sorry, i did but the main file still not see the function on the why that is apprearded...?
Anyway, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

It's because the functions in are declared as async pub fn instead of pub async fn. The main file doesn't see them because they were not correctly defined.

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thanks, I did it and adjust some error, it's look good now. there is still a concern for using mpsc::channel(), could you please help me or give me some hints to understand that...

Please post code and errors in code blocks rather than images.

You can't use the std channel in async code because it is blocking

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Actually, the library actix::utils::mpsc is not valid now then I'm stupid to replace by the std::sync::mpsc...

I do not know the mechanism of the code then ...

thanks for your sharing, I'm going to make the basic understanding for async in RUST. :slight_smile:

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