New website with the list of rust releases -

It has always been a problem for me to learn what feature will become a part of the subsequent releases. So I created the - a website with the list of rust releases with their changelogs, including ongoing work on the following versions (beta and nightly). It also contains the links to opened stabilization PRs.
Please let me know if you find it helpful. New ideas are also welcomed!


That's very cool, thank you!

One thing which I would like to see is to have this site added to some popular big list. It's very easy to forget about such rarely used but occasionally very useful projects.

It would also be great if the site would include the estimated release date for the upcoming releases. I often ask myself when will this new feature which is stabilized on nightly hit stable branch.


The website looks really nice! No notes!

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+1 on the suggestion that upcoming release dates would be useful.

I would also enjoy if the 1.*.0 releases where somehow visually differentiated from the 1.*.1 and 1.*.2 releases in the sidebar, since those point releases are significantly less relevant. E.g. a different color or something like that… or if you want to restructure it some more, you could maybe make it look hierarchical. Perhaps also those point releases could even be displayed on the same page as the main ones? IDK.

The “GitHub Repository” link at the bottom of the page isn’t labeled clearly enough. You might expect being taken to some page in the rust repository, and/or something related to the particular page you’re on. I’m not sure I have any great concrete suggestion for alternative labeling yet, though.


Very nice! It's good to know what is in upcoming Rust versions, especially beta versions.

Some ideas:

  • mark which Rust versions are available in popular Linux distros.
  • mark which Rust versions introduced major new features, e.g. new edition, const generics.

I think it's a matter of taste whether one cares more about the new features in the 1.*.0 releases or the fixes for security vulnerabilities and miscompilations in the 1.*.[1-9] releases. :slightly_smiling_face:


What does "Released" mean here? Because it says 1.62.0 is released, but then it says it's released on 2022-06-30, which is not for another 5 days, and my rustup agrees:

❯ rustup check
stable-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc - Up to date : 1.61.0 (fe5b13d68 2022-05-18)

That was a bug because the changelog entry is already been created, but with the date in the future. I didn't check the date, so it was marked as released. Fixed now.

Thanks! Any ideas on what list would make sense?

Thanks for your comments, Github link looks ambiguous, I'll fix it soon.

The site is built by parsing the data from GitHub. We need some clear and machine-readable data sources for the data you suggest, but it may be challenging.

That sounds like

It seems to have an API.

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First off, awesome website, it's very useful to know what's coming.

Second: it immediately nerd-sniped me with this item:

Stabilize generic associated types #96709 (52 days old)

I still haven't read all of the discussion around it but pfff what a kerfuffle.

Unfortunately, I can't say I have any great ideas. Awesome Rust may be a nice place to start, but it's a bit of a dump and it's easy to get lost there. It's still better than nothing.

Maybe this could be adopted as an official project? I'm quite surprised that there is no existing way to get that information from the official channels. I have no idea where and whom you should ask to make it happen, whether that's even possible and what is the process if it's a possibility.

I think FRLO once had a table of Rust features and the versions in which they were stabilized (if any). I don't think the current version has it, though:

I love this, and would very much like to see this made official. I'll ask around and figure out what the process there would be...

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I'm chatting about the process of upstreaming in Zulip

@glebpom, are you open to that? Would you want to keep maintaining it after it moved under the Rust org umbrella?

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