New Serialport release - 2.0

Hot on the heels of the winapi 0.3 release, I released 2.0 of my serialport-rs library. The changelog explains everything, but the high-level points since last time are:

  • The license has changed to MPL-2.0, which allows it to be used in proprietary codebased
  • Device enumeration now works on Mac, so it's supported on all 3 major platforms
  • Serial enumeration now includes the type of interface and device info for USB devices
  • The main SerialPort trait is now Send so you can send it across threads.

At this point the API is very stable and a lot of the rough edges and bugs seem to be worked out. The only big feature that's left to implement is arbitrary baud rate support, and then it'll be finished. So try it out and let me know how it works for you!