New Rustacean News: Rust 1.23


Rustdoc changes, the first impl period, Firefox Quantum, and more wasm!


I love the show :slight_smile:

BTW what’s your other podcast that you mentioned?


Nice to see you covering wasm :slight_smile: I know there are too many new features in each release for the release notes and the main blog announcement to cover everything.

But isn’t it odd that neither the 1.23 release notes nor the 1.23 Rust blog announcement mention wasm at all?

I was so surprised at this omission that I had to check that (1) etc. really had made it into the 1.23 tag (2).

A new backend seems a fairly big feature - and this is a backend that could potentially be of interest to a very large audience, i.e. it isn’t targeting some obscure piece of specialist hardware but may be of interest to everyone with a browser. And it seems a big step up from the previous emscripten (3) dependent backends - one example being you can now expose Rust functions to Javascript (see stdweb (4)).

Maybe I’m going blind - and it’s in there somewhere in the notes! Or maybe people are waiting until it’s settled further before making a big public announcement? E.g. as I understand it there are still issues with the linker that may be resolved/improved at some stage. But even then I’d have thought it’d be worth announcing as something for people to at least play with.

As a new poster I could only include two “real” links in my posting, here are the other links referred to above:



It’s not considered a particularly stable target yet, and so we aren’t
going to talk about it until it’s a bit further in development.


@tjamaan it’s Winning Slowly – we talk about technology, religion, ethics, and art (a.k.a. “basically everything humans do”) and try to take more a long view rather than “OMG NEW IPHONE/ANDROID/ETC.”