▶ New Rustacean e015: Not dumb pointers

This episode, we take a close look at smart pointer types—from a few we've already talked about, like Box, Vec, and String, to some new ones, like Rc and Arc.

  • What smart pointers are, and what makes them 'smart'.
  • Why we want or need smart pointers.
  • A bit about Box.
  • A lot more about Rc and Arc.

Note: The examples on the episode page are in-progress: the Rc example is complete but not fully documented, and there's no examples yet for Arc—but there will be. I expect to finish them over the course of this weekend, but I wanted to go ahead and get the episode out!

P.S.: the sound quality got even better this episode. The Patreon supporters are awesome and I got a new microphone. Super excited. :sparkles: :microphone: :sparkles:

:arrow_forward: e015: Not dumb pointers.