New Rustacean e008: Just like something else—generics and traits


This week’s episode, :arrow_forward: e008: Just like something else, tackles generics and traits—at a high level. There’s a lot to cover in these two topics! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and input!

I’m starting a new thread because I can no longer edit the title of the original. Starting a new thread lets me actually update the topic with the current episode of the show; I’ll keep editing titles until I once again run out of edit-ability.

The original thread:

New Rustacean e009: Composing a Rustic Tune

This might be inappropriate Discourse etiquette, but… how about a fresh thread for each podcast, with a link from the podcast page? Then you have a good (archived!) spot for feedback, questions, etc.


@jdub, I quite like the idea! But as you say: etiquette! I don’t want to clutter up the forum with a bunch of individual threads if that isn’t cool. @moderators?


btw, the first 008 link is to your dev instance. :smiley:


I would think individual posts would be better, personally.


@steveklabnik: :thumbsup: I’ll do individual posts henceforth, then!

@jdub: agh! I’ll go fix it in a couple. (In the future, if you like, you can send a PR and the site will rebuild automatically!)