New Rustacean: Bonus—Burnout

This one is pretty personal—the most personal episode I’ve ever released, in fact.

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Your transparency and authenticity help passing your message across. Thanks for this great episode and I wish you the best.

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@chriskrycho All the best for you to get over the burnout. We all have to deal with it from time to time. There’s no easy answer, but I’m sure you are doing the right things to get over it and you will … All the best!


I listened to this this morning, as I dragged myself - without much enthusiasm or energy - to work. I felt a lot of what you described quite keenly; I’ve certainly had a trip or two through similar territory, and it really is important to share these feelings. Important for others to hear that they’re not alone, but also important to actually do the sharing when vulnerable. Well done, on both counts. A little introspection afterwards left me determined to engage with my day more, since I’m actually really enjoying what I’m working on at the moment. Which is to say, there is a path through the other side, and it’s important to notice the good things going on too.