New Rayon release!


I thought I’d open a thread to mark Rayon releases. I’ll post a comment each time there’s a new release with the release notes etc. =)


Release rayon 0.8.2

  • ParallelSliceMut now has six parallel sorting methods with the same
    variations as the standard library.
    • par_sort, par_sort_by, and par_sort_by_key perform stable sorts in
      parallel, using the default order, a custom comparator, or a key extraction
      function, respectively.
    • par_sort_unstable, par_sort_unstable_by, and par_sort_unstable_by_key
      perform unstable sorts with the same comparison options.
    • Thanks to @stjepang!


The docs could use little usage examples like:

extern crate rayon;

fn main() {
    use rayon::slice::ParallelSliceMut;

    let mut a = [10, 2, 4];
    println!("{:?}", a);