New crate version: OrderMap 0.3.0

OrderMap 0.3.0 has been released

  • It's a rather minor update, which means that version 1.0 feels very close
  • Key Equivalence trait extends the Borrow mechanism of OrderMap::get (like HashMap::get) to more situations, see #10 for examples.
  • Users of get_pair and get_pair_index need to call get_full instead.
  • Users of mutable references to keys need to opt in to this by using the extension trait MutableKeys and calling its methods.

What's needed for 1.0?

  • There's a tracking issue for that: #37
  • Unresolved issue really is just to pick names for the two hash tables if we split the crate into one compactly indexed map (current ordermap) and a full insertion order map (ordermap with tombstones).

Nice! What about StableOrderMap for the tombstones variant?

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