New crate: parallel-stream

This is a data parallelism library built around async-std, following the design outlined in one of my previous posts.

The idea is that this library provides a fully parallelized Stream API, much how Rayon provides a parallelized Iterator API. The idea is that this should make it easy to learn and pick up because the easiest API to learn is the API you already know.

Hopefully this comes in useful. Have a good weekend!


How about adding a TryIntoParallelStream, which immediantly returns once an error is received?

Could you perhaps elaborate on how that would work? I'm not sure which fallible conversions we'd want to add to parallel-stream and there doesn't seem to exist prior art for this trait in std, rayon, or async-std.

Or did you mean TryParallelStream, similar to futures::stream::TryStreamExt? We already don't make use of stream extensions, and even so we're already able to implement all try_* methods that exist in std and async-std.

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