New borrow checker warning for regex.replace_all captures

    let r = Regex::new("aaa")?;
    r.replace_all("aaa", |c: &Captures<'_> | {


Warns about UB:

3|     r.replace_all("aaa", |c: &regex::Captures<'_> | {
 |                                               --  - return type of closure is &'2 str
 |                                               |
 |                                               let's call this `'1`
4|         c.get(0).unwrap().as_str()
 |         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ returning this value requires that `'1` must outlive `'2`

= warning: this error has been downgraded to a warning for backwards compatibility with previous releases
= warning: this represents potential undefined behavior in your code and this warning will become a hard error in the future

However, I think it should work:

  • replace_all takes &'t str
  • get() returns Match<'t>
  • as_str() returns &'t str

Is it a problem with my code? Is it a problem with the regex crate? Is it a problem with NLL?

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I have had similar issues, when I changed the closure to a function these messages disappeared. I think that this has to do with closures not inferring the most general lifetimes for its arguments

That code looks correct to me. I’d also guess that code like that isn’t altogether uncommon. I might file a bug and see if someone could do a crater run to see if those warnings are appearing in other folks’ code.

If I understand correctly, replace_all expects this signature:

fn<'a, 'b, 'c>(_: &'a regex::Captures<'b>) -> &'c str

i.e. it expects the returned string to be unrelated to the argument. A potential PR would have to relax the bounds on this blanket impl.

Yeah, it looks like it. I’m unable to figure out the right way to make a blanket impl with the explicit lifetime. It seems that replace_append's arg has an implicit lifetime that can’t be named for the closure.

This isn’t compatible with the trait:

impl<'t, F> Replacer for F where F: FnMut(&Captures<'t>) -> &'t str {
    fn replace_append(&mut self, caps: &Captures<'t>, dst: &mut String) {
 = note: expected type `fn(&mut F, &re_unicode::Captures<'_>, &mut std::string::String)`
            found type `fn(&mut F, &re_unicode::Captures<'t>, &mut std::string::String)`

So it seems this is what actually happens:

impl<'a, F> Replacer for F where F: for<'t> FnMut(&Captures<'t>) -> &'a str {
    fn replace_append<'t>(&mut self, caps: &Captures<'t>, dst: &mut String) {

(I’m using &str instead of T: AsRef<str>, as the extra layer of indirection made things even harder).

I think for<'t: 'a> would be needed to express the relationship, but:

lifetime bounds cannot be used in this context

impl<'a, F> Replacer for F where F: for<'t: 'a> FnMut(&Captures<'t>) -> &'a str {

I suspect it's not a borrow checker bug, but regex might need to change the code, so I've filed a bug about this:

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