New Book Release: Step Ahead With Rust


Step Ahead with Rust (by Jonathan Creekmore and James Miller) is a brand-new intermediate to advanced book on Rust, covering everything from Cargo to interior mutability with Cells and unsafe Rust. Its published by a startup called Armstrong Publications. It has a crisp, clean, and easy to read writing style that uses the fewest possible words to convey a point without leaving out any necessary information.

It doesn’t talk down to you and treats you like a competent programmer who can read code and just wants to learn Rust. Better yet, it comes at Rust from two angles: the abstract, academic side and the practical aspect. This is great because it gives you a really 3-dimensional picture of what Rust is like. The graphs in this book are amazing, some of the most explanatory and easy to read graphs I’ve ever seen.Its code samples are well-written and ideomatic and the book covers every really important topic.

Considering the dearth of good Rust books out there that are up-to-date and well organized and written, this is (at least to my mind) a pretty big release, especially since basically Rust documentation up till this point had two flavours: beginner’s guide and reference dictionary. This is a great middle ground and I highly recommend any one using Rust on a day-to-day basis, even if your not very advanced yet, grab a copy of this and keep it with them. TRUST ME, it’ll come in handy, quickly.

You can grab a copy at here at Amazon or at their own website, here. FYI, you can get a sample chapter from their website if your not sure wether to buy or not.

Hope this helps some people out there, I needed this book a heckuva lot working on one of my projects and was really happy to get my copy.