Networking with rust, how to create and mDNS server inside a backend server

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let's start with the issue i am facing, so i want to create a backend server for a local network, this server supposed to run on one machine in the local net and the same machine as well as the other machines will have a client GUI interface which is also will be built with rust, the issue is how to make the clients identify which machine has the backend server and send request to it.

my solution is [and please expert in networking don't laugh at me because this is my first attempt in networking at all, and this is not my area of expertise not even close to it], making a mDNS server inside my backend and mDNS service discovery inside the clients GUI, so when the client run it checks for the backend server and if it has found it, it will do it's work with the backend, and making a mDNS service discovery is easy because all the materials present and the rust crates available to do so, the issue is how to create the mDNS server taking in note this should work on WINDOWS then macos and linux, for linux and macos, there is zeroconf crate, I think that will do great if i started doing the builds for linux and mac but now for windows, i could not find any crate that provide this, or maybe i found one and could not work with it which is searchlight.

and finally if anyone has the knowledge and can help with my issue, i will be grateful for. and please any guy has a better work around that doesn't include working with the system configuration of the machine or the router i will be glad to hear from [except what could be done programmatically within rust or the installer let's say, i would prefere rust only though].

Windows has an mDNS service,

Unfortunately, the zeroconf crate doesn’t support it.

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