Need your review on a wasm web app framework benchmark!

Simi is a framework for building frontend web app. Version 0.2 is a complete rewrite with lessons learn from the experiments with v0.1.

It is not released yet, but I think it is enough to do some benchmark to see how it compares to others. However, the result is unexpectedly high, I need extra eyes to check if everything is correct or not? (I do the bench about a month ago, then recently I upgrade to the new changes in Simi and also make some changes to the code. I have some look at the result (the rendered-view) but not very close, and too lazy to write tests for it).

Some notes about the benchmark:

  • On my system, the result is not that good. I think the result may vary from system to system?
  • Simi is built with recent Rust nightly around 2018-12-7->9 (don't remember exactly, I did a rustup update few days after the PR to benchmark).
  • Stdweb and Yew built with nightly-2018-07-11 (found in the benchmark's repo, now I think I should did something similar for reference?). Anyone help building them with new Rust?
  • From The current snapshot that may not have the same quality (i.e. results might be for mixed browser versions, number of runs per benchmark may vary)