Need Upvotes at vs code Github for rust file icon in windows file explorer

I can see C, Python, and a few other programming language file type icons in windows file explorer (not the internal one) when associated with vscode. But although Rust is a popular language with a thriving community, there is no separate file icon for the Rust source code.

They will implement this if my Github issue receives a sizeable number of upvotes. Upvote the title post at this linked issue thread if you want a separate vscode Rust file icon in windows file explorer:

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Sorry for the dumb question
what am I supposed to upvote, this comment?


Isn't it an issue on vscode repo ? How does it relate to windows explorer ?

When a file is associated with an app, custom app-specific icons show up in the windows file explorer. Since vs code has no specific icon for Rust, the default icon is currently showing up instead of a dedicated file icon.

VS Code icons have already been implemented for popular languages like C, Python etc.

Thanks. I got it. You could edit the related github issue to make it more clear
for later readers.

Not needed. I have already raised a PR for this. :upside_down_face:

Since VSCode refused to add more icons, I have created a new repo for your benefit. You can download rust icons from here:

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