Need reviewer for publishied tutorial

Hi I'm building a "Hands on Data Structures and Algorithms in Rust" course for Packt Publishing. I'm going to need someone to review it soon.

Is anyone up for that?

If you are you get one years free subscription to Packt courses as a thankyou.

Let me know if you're up for it and I'll pass on your details to my handler.


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Are you getting paid money if this gets up?

That's a tad disconcerting.

Yes I'm being paid to make the course. By handler I'm just reffering to my main contact at Packt

I would be willing to volunteer. What is the timing (start, and expected time to complete)?


I should be submitting the last few videos in the next few weeks, I think they will get to you fairly close to that. So probably between the 24th - end of Feb.

I understand they are hoping to publish at the end of February, but I'm a bit behind schedule. It's about 5 hours of Video material. to watch/work through hopefully you will find it useful.
Depending on your feedback I may be required to make some (hopefully minor) changes.

Got it. - E

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