Need recommendations for technologies, frameworks etc. for an IoT device project in Rust

Me and my team are soon going to work on an IoT device, and we still haven't decided what technologies we're going to use.

I've been a fan of Rust for a while and always wanted to create something useful with this language, so I am going to be pushing to use Rust for this project, thus I need some good technology recommendations to have a well backed argument for using Rust (except the obvious safety and memory reasons!)

I've done some research but I have to admit that creating embedded devices is a totally new subject for me, but that is the point of the project - main goal is learning, and creating something is the secondary goal, so please bear with me and my knowledge of the subject.
So, for the hardware I've seen many people recommending SMT32 family devices, but I've also read that anything with the Cortex-M processor can be suitable. Need more info on that.
OS is a hard choice for me because on one hand I was thinking of Ubuntu Core but the device support is not really that good I think, so other options I've found are Tock and RIOT-OS, and I am gravitating towards the latter because it's main focus is on IOT devices.
I've found frameworks like for a web app, for desktop app (which might not be needed but I still like the idea). Also found which apparently will help with the networking.
There was a discussion from the other members about using the Golioth cloud platform with Zephyr and C++, and I don't know if there are any other alternatives for Golioth that support Rust, I've found but I am not sure if it's an alternative, or something else actually, so I would be happy to learn more about that.
Again I want to hear your recommendations regarding anything that will help creating a project like that.


I don't know the order they were posted, and this topic also got held up in our spam filter for a while for "typing fast", so maybe OP had no way to point this out yet... anyways: since that's useful to know for people answering, note that this was also cross-posted on reddit :slight_smile:

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