Need Help with Dumping MIR and Matching Binary Functions for Machine Learning Task

Hello Rust community,

I am working on a machine learning project that involves dumping the MIR of functions when compiling crates and matching the MIR to binary functions. My current approach is to dump the MIR after calling collect_crate_mono_items and labeling it with tcx.symbol_name. However, I've encountered a situation where some binary symbols don't seem to have corresponding MIR. Could anyone help me understand the possible causes for this?

Additionally, I am aware that some binaries are directly linked to the binary crate, so I attempted to dump the MIR for the standard library as well. During the compilation of the standard library, I could only find the dylib version of the std crate, and the rlib version seems to be missing. Can someone please explain why this might be happening?

Lastly, if there is a more elegant method to accomplish the matching task, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or guidance on this matter.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and insights.

Best regards

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