Need Documenetation Guide On How To Build Rust On Raspberry Pi With armv7-unknown-linux-musleabihf Platform

oops, accidentally hit send button.

the document of pydantic-core states:

You'll need rust stable installed, or rust nightly if you want to generate accurate coverage.

I don't know how python package distribute artifacts, from the listing here:

there's no pre-built binary file for armv7 combination with linux-musl. so I suppose potentially 2 solutions might be possible:

  • contact the maintainer of pydantic-core to see if they can add a prebuilt binary package to the pypi registry
  • ditch the alpine linxu and use a gnu variant of linux as your base docker image
    • for example debian or ubuntu should all work on raspberry pi I think.


noticed your origin dockerfile used python-3.9-alpine, so presumably there should be a python-3.9-slim or similar tag. search slim, bullseye or bookworm for debian based images.