Need advice/ideas/thoughts concerning kdree/octree/icoseptree/bvh implementation for 3D simulation


I can only find a few (one or two?) very basic (Rust) implementations of data structures which can handle things like collision detection, etc. in a 3D context (for use in an OpenGL/OpenCL renderer).

This may be a shot in the dark but I’d really like to pick the brain of anyone who has any experience with these types of structures in any language, especially Rust. I’m in the process of implementing either an octree or icoseptree and I would really appreciate any wisdom I can glean.


there is some code you may find helpful.


When I got into learning kdtree’s I started hacking on kdtree-rs, and mrhooray was welcoming to my PR. So if it does not serve you needs, then make an issue or a PR.


Much appreciated. I hadn’t seen that first one.