Ndarray iterate over nested subviews

Hi! The following code produces the desired result (playground). But I have to use nested .collect()s to avoid the error [E0515]: cannot return value referencing function parameter.

In theory there's some iterator over ArrayViews that would give the same results, but I don't know if it's possible to generate that with .flat_map as I'm attempting.

I found a simpler related question, and the answer seemed to be "don't worry about the .collect(), it's cheap". Perhaps that is the only answer, but I'm hoping to learn of something I have overlooked.

By the way, I think there is a separate problem with the wcopy variable. It's probably best to remove that entirely to simplify this question a bit.

use ndarray::prelude::*;

const GRID: usize = 4;
const WINDOW: usize = 3;

// See https://projecteuler.net/problem=11 for the motivation.
// The following produces the desired output, but I don't like that it is
// allocating a Vec<Vec<u32>> for each window, instead of an iterator. In this
// case it's fine, it's only 3×8=24 numbers, but on principle I'd like to
// understand how to indicate that w's lifetime extends as long as that of
// arr.

fn main() {
    let arr = Array::from_shape_vec(
        [GRID, GRID],
        (1..=u32::try_from(GRID * GRID).unwrap()).collect(),

    let windows = arr.windows([WINDOW, WINDOW]);
    let window_rows = windows.into_iter().flat_map(|w| {
        // Incidentally, is there a better way to get the reverse diagonal?
        //IGNORE SEPARATE ISSUE: error[E0515]: cannot return value referencing local variable `wcopy`
        //IGNORE let mut wcopy = w.view();
        //IGNORE wcopy.invert_axis(Axis(0));

        // adjacents is Vec<Vec<u32>>, not an iterator
        let adjacents = w
            //IGNORE .chain(std::iter::once(wcopy.diag()))

            // MAIN QUESTION: Can I avoid one or both of these collects?
            /*.map(|r| r.into_iter().copied().collect::<Vec<_>>())


    for wr in window_rows {

Hi, is there a way for me to ask this that might make it easier to help with? Thanks for any pointers on using ndarray efficiently without copying data.

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You could do your work in a nested loop, effectively.

I didn't see a way to get something like .rows() without borrowing w itself offhand (but I'm not an ndarray expert).

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Neither a ndarray expert.

The basic error derives from the fact:

fn main() {
    [1; 3].iter().flat_map(|x| Some(x)); // ok: |x: &'any | -> Struct<&'any>
    [1; 3].iter().flat_map(|x| Some(&x)); // fail: |x: &'any | -> Struct<&'another &'any>

Another solution giving you the owned result: Rust Playground

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I'm not sure if ArrayBase::into_owned actually allocates a new vec internally.

But here's another solution of owned Vec<[u32; WINDOW]> by turning each iterator into an array

Thanks both quinedot & vague! It may be that ArrayBase::into_owned() would give what I was looking for.. Moving the work inside the loop is a pragmatic approach, and a good reminder that not everything has to be expressed as iter().map().fold(). :slight_smile:


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