Naming Consistency

We know Vector is abbreviated to Vec , why isn't String abbreviated to Str ?

About Reference Counting , there are Rc , Arc , and Weak , maybe Wrc is a better name instead of Weak ?

Str would be confusing with str, though there was some talk that with foresight, the types should've been something like Str and StrBuf.

There are a number of names that the team would probably choose differently if they were designing the language from scratch today. (For example, str and String would likely be str and StrBuf, similar to Path and PathBuf.) However, after the initial names were chosen and in use, it was generally not considered worth the disruption of changing them.

Graydon (the creator of Rust) had a fondness for abbreviations, so the names that survive from his original designs are some of the shortest. (The return keyword used to be spelled ret.)