My steps with Rust +


Link to lesson.
May be help to same one


Thanks for writing this down! I will definitely read through it later as I’m also working on a Rust-based web app, though I’m using Iron, and I’m very curious how the other Rust web framework works.

Iron has worked for me but so far I’ve been frustrated by two things: 1) the extensible design makes it difficult to tell how to plug all the pieces together to make something, which is greatly compounded by 2) a lack of documentation.

I eagerly await for the person who has experience with both systems to write a comparison.


In section one, the text refers to port 8080, but the code says 6767.


Thanks! Fixed!
I try hard Iron and Nickel and find for now Nickel better documented and have useful examples.
About concurrency both of them use hyper which is concurrent when run server.listen(host:port) so nickel and iron have concurrency out of box. If need set amount of thread just write server.listen_threads(host:port, amout_of_threads).
Soon hyper add mio to core