【My Rust Crate】obtains linux local information

Project Introduction

  • get_local_info is a Rust crate that obtains linux local information,Its goal is to solve the difficulty of obtaining Linux local information.Support Chinese operating systems such as KyLin, UOS, HarmonyOS, etc
  • Project maintenance: long-term

Current features:

1.Network function

1.1 Obtain activity network card information:

  • Netcard name
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • mac

1.2 Obtain network interface information

2.Get system version

  • Kylin10 supports 2017 and above
  • Ubuntu supports 18.04 and above
  • UOS20 supports 1020 and above

3.System function

  • Process detection
  • Virtual Machine Detection
  • Dual system detection

4.Security information detection

  • topsec Antivirus Database Date Detection

5.File Info

  • Traverse all files in the specified directory

How to use

1.cargo add get_local_info

2.Import into your project

extern crate get_local_info;

fn main() {
    println!("{}", get_local_info::get_pc_net_card_name());
    println!("{}", get_local_info::get_pc_ipv4());
    println!("{}", get_local_info::get_pc_ipv6());
    println!("{}", get_local_info::get_pc_mac());
    println!("{:?}", get_local_info::get_pc_net_card_info());
    // osname: ubuntu or uos or kylin
    let osname = "uos";
    println!("{}", get_local_info::get_pc_system_ver(osname));
    //check proccess name
    let pname = "gnome";
    println!("{}", get_local_info::get_pc_system_check_pname(pname));
    // flase is Real machine, true is vm
    println!("Running in VM:{}", get_local_info::get_pc_system_is_vm());
     // true is multi os
    println!("multi os:{}", get_local_info::get_pc_system_is_d_sys());
    // Obtain the update time of the antivirus database
    let antiname = "topsec";
    println!("{}", get_local_info::get_pc_check_antiviruslib(antiname));
    //Traverse all files in the specified directory
    let idir = "/home/test/rust1";
    println!("{:?}", get_local_info::get_dir_filename(idir));

About the Author

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