My project : a hackerhouse for rustlang near Paris

Hi the community !

After my post for the rustlang community on Facebook (Facebook Groups), I'll try here in order to get your feedback and help me to make this project live !

I just buy an appartment for 6 geeks (me include), 30min from Paris by suburb train.

75m2 :

  • 3 rooms
  • living room/small kitchen
  • 2 water rooms

I wanna try to transform it into a coliving Space like a hackerhouse for creative and tech projects. The creative part will be around building universes (writing, mosaics, novels) and the tech part is around teaching (rustlang, serious games, wasm, wasi).

The project is to build an automative system in HTML5+rustlang around these two parts (tech and creative). The automative system will take inspiration from jamstack view, in order to make an asynchronous system for the hackerhouse management (room booking, courses booking, etc.), for the projects management (universes management, community, memberships,etc.) and the economy management (instalement payments like x4 or x10, barter system, blockchain like system with security tokens, group buying).

In order to make this project live, I need #rustlang developers or mentors that are interest to teach or to make mentoring.

You can cooperate with me by :

  • Becoming a shareholder of the futur firm.
  • Becoming a (online) teacher (minimum 300€ / project or online course).
  • Becoming a (online) mentor (earning is based on security tokens and the member (coliver) tips you are mentoring).
  • Becoming a (online) guru (earning is based on security tokens and tips from the community).

Roadmap :

  • Buying appartment : done.
  • Appartment interior decoration : scheduled for June to August.
  • Static website for the project : specifications and research for contractor/subcontractor in progress.
  • Crowdfunding preparation in progress.
  • Firm creation : November 2021.
  • Opening coliver booking : December 2021.
  • First coliver in the appartment : January 2022.
  • Public Beta version of the automative system based on HTML5/rustlang : September 2022.

All critics are welcome in order to support this project :wink:


Good luck with your project.

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Thank you for your support !
If you have any comments in order to help the project, you're welcome.

For teaching rustlang, online materials are welcome (more like serious game for rustlang) :smiley:

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