My first Rust web server!

And it works in Terminal and VSC.
My Rust repo


Congrats, man. That’s an accomplishment!

Thanks. I like Rust.

Yeah, I’m a newbie, too. I’ve been asking lots of questions here and have been blown away by how helpful the community is. It’s difficult to start “thinking in rust”, but now that I have dipped my toe in the water I see how powerful it is.

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Hey Paul,

I checked out your code, and have a little feedback for you:

  1. update your .gitignore file:
    1.1. add target/, then remove the directory from your repo
    1.2. add desktop.ini, then remove the file from your repo
  2. Don’t include your compiled artifacts in your repo (i.e main.exe, main.pdb, target/)
  3. Your source code is duplicated in both web_server and webserver/src
  4. There are no files in your repo that have a webserver implemented in it, are you missing some source files?

The source code is in which I am still working on. having some trouble with the multi-thread implementation. is not included in your repo, forgot to add?

Yeah, I just saw that. I don’t know what happened. I deleted some files from my computer, but that wouldn’t effect what I already had on my github repo. would it ?

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