My first rust project "finished", roast me!

Where is the best place to ask for code reviews? I see some action on here, very little response to those posted on stack exchange, and a few on reddit, but no clear winner. Or should I hit up library specific rooms on gitter?

I’ll try out here first. My first rust project is a prometheus exporter for metrics scrapable from the BitBucket server API. For version 1.0 (will create a tag to make it official soon), I’ve only got number of open pull requests per repository implemented.

I’ll try and flesh out the with usage details during the evening tonight, although a dashboard screenshot will have to wait until next week as the prometheus instance I was intendinding to use is currently down. Interestingly, I see that in the README I’ve written a preference for functional coding style, yet in my last two commits at time of writing I rewrote some functional stuff to a more imperative style as it felt more natural for the task.

Link to the project is here