My cli tool kondo now supports 20 different project types!

kondo is a cli & gui tool for discovering and cleaning up artifacts like target and node_modules from your drive.

It is great for

  • Backing up projects in bulk without the bloated generated build artifacts
  • Clearing up disk space from projects you aren't currently working on
  • Nuking target directories after updating your Rust version :wink:

I just released version 0.8 which brings the number of supported project types up to 20 thanks to the help of new contributors! Support for .NET projects (C# & F#), Godot 4, and shell completion generation was added this version.

Example CLI usage:

> kondo code/driving
/Users/choc/code/driving Cargo project (4 weeks ago)
  └─ target (7.6GiB)
  delete above artifact directories? ([y]es, [n]o, [a]ll, [q]uit): y
Projects cleaned: 1, Bytes deleted: 7.6GiB

This project has been a fun way to learn Rust for me since I released it 4 years ago! As well as give back to the community in my own small way :). I learnt how to make a cli and gui in Rust with it, as well as learn how to multi-thread an existing program which Rust made a breeze!

My next big ambition for kondo is to overhaul the discovery logic to cover use-cases that were omitted during the initial implementation. It will increase the complexity of the implementation but I think it's worth it. Part of the rework will be breaking up the Giant Match Expression™ with something more composable. I'm also taking this opportunity to multi-thread more of the discovery logic with crossbeam.

You can install kondo from homebrew,, git, or your system package manager (when they update).

As always I'm open to feedback and contributions! Hope you enjoy - Trent.


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