MVC Graphical Toolkit that supports Markdown/HTML?

I want to build a standalone app (single executable that does not depend on Qt/GTK), that app requires rendering markdown. Is there a graphical toolkit that supports it?

I guess it depends if you want to support HTML in Markdown well. If you don't, then you could take an existing markdown parser and use any toolkit that supports simple formatted text with bold/italic.

If you want HTML, tables, etc. then you need a web view. Servo, maybe? Or binding to system's web view.

grafeia technically supports that:

I want to render everything that GitHub Flavored Markdown renders.

Is it a CSS engine? How am I going to use it as a GUI toolkit?

Does it support interaction with HTML elements without JavaScript?

GitHub Flavored Markdown renders HTML. It's an interactive web page, e.g. <details> element works. So your question is not Markdown-specific, it's about a toolkit that supports pretty much all of HTML. So it's not going to be a tiny toolkit with markdown support, you're going to need to run a web browser inside your app. Servo is a web browser engine. Web views usually only allow interaction via JS.

What about GitHub Flavored Markdown syntax without HTML tags?

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