Multirust 0.0.3


Multirust, the tool for managing Rust installations on OS X and Linux, has been updated to version 0.0.3. If you spend a lot of time working in Rust on a Unixy system, consider letting multirust deal with the regular toolchain updates.

Installation is a one-liner:

curl -sf | sh

Upgraders will be asked to run multirust upgrade-data. It should be painless.

This release is based on It includes a new variation of the update command: invoking multirust update with no further arguments will update all three release channels and then print out the current revisions.

The other new feature is the run command: multirust run <toolchain> <command> [args] will configure the environment so future toolchain invocations use a specific toolchain. For example, multirust run beta bash will start a shell in which future invocations of rustc use the beta toolchain, regardless of the directory override or default toolchains.

Finally, update notifications have been removed because they were annoying.


  • Built off of, includes in the installation.
  • multirust update, without specifying a toolchain, will update all three of ‘stable’, 'beta’
    and ‘nightly’.
  • Added multirust run <toolchain>, which configures the environment of a subprocess
    so that multirust will use a specific toolchain.
  • Removed update notifications. Just use multirust update, which will be a no-op if there’s
    no new revision to install.
  • multirust now can validate hashes with either sha256sum or shasum.
  • Added multirust upgrade-data for upgrading metadata.


Nice work, thanks Brian!


Multirust is my favorite Rust-related tool. It makes everyday usage so much better. <3


Well done! It would be great a version for Windows.