Multi-media without Web

Is there a multi-media SDK or library that works without the web browser (but that also works within the web browser)? I know of the following:

  • Amethyst
  • SFML

Can someone recommend any other?

How about bevy?

amethyst is defunct, and sfml is written in C++ and so some FFI pains might show up.

I've also heard that macroquad is nice, and if you'd like to go with something lower level, then take a look at WGPU.

Also, what do you mean "without web"? No framework should require you connect to the web to render something.


I think they mean "both native and WASM, not WASM-only".

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I liked macroquad. Is it possible to use #[tokio::main] instead of #[macroquad::main]? It seems like macroquad doesn't rely on Tokio, so I doubt changing this attribute works.

macroquad::main is a macroquad-specific macro, so I doubt it can be easily replaced with anything. You can, however, avoid using the macro at all - it expands to something like this (not tested, check with cargo expand to be sure):

fn main() {
    macroquad::Window::new("macro_argument", async {
        if let Err(err) = amain().await {
            macroquad::logging::error!("Error: {:?}", err);

async fn amain() {
    // original `main` body
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