MSQ Server frontend with rust - pragmatic ways?

I am a developer on the Microsoft BI platform (SQL Server) and I need a front end, at least for entering data: CRUD - Create, Read, Update, Delete. However, it is intended to become a real application that can be extended via modules: for example, for the graphical display of dependencies or, more generally, of relationships between nodes and edges of graph tables.

But not everything has to be possible: Since the target user group are SQL Server developers like me, a lot of work will and can happen directly in SQL Server, and the application "only" needs to supplement what can't or doesn't work as well directly in SQL Server. For example: The standard SQL Server tools (SSMS, Azure Data Studio and Visual Studio) are not well suited to handle multi-line string fields. For this you need external tools. Therefore, I often use Access via ODBC.

An important goal is the use in my open-source project. Therefore, the solution should be based on open-source if possible, or at least be free of charge.

Most users will be using Windows. So I want to be able to create a native Windows application or something that runs in the browser.

I have not found a simple open-source based generator for web forms that can work with SQL Server. Then I looked at different programming languages and somehow fell in love with Rust at first sight: super documentation, logical and pragmatic approaches, simply "beautiful". So TypeScript, Kotlin etc. slid right down the list.

A native Microsoft SQL Server (TDS) client for Rust exists (Tiberius). But it seems that Rust is not yet suitable for "normal" GUI applications:

Maybe I could go more in the direction of web application or even WASM? GitHub - flosse/rust-web-framework-comparison: A comparison of some web frameworks and libs written in Rust

Here I need a little support now. Could this be a pragmatic and promising way, and where should I start? Or is it simply too early to want to do such tasks with Rust?