Moving Trait Implementation to a Submodule, now it won't compile

I have code that compiled when it was all in the same executable source file. I created a Struct A and implemented a trait, Trait_A, on that class. Trait_A had a single function in it.

I wanted to move my new struct and its Trait_A implementation into a "submodule" by creating a file in the src directory called "" and adding pub mod a; to the file. I then tried to move around the use statements until the warnings went away.

However, when I did this, I got the following error message:
1 error[E0277]: the trait bound Trait_A is not satisfied.

Though, none of the code that calls this code has changed. Why can't I do this, what is the problem, how does one do this naturally?

Can you share more of the code, or create a minimized test case? What module or crate is Trait_A defined in, and what is the parent of that module? What crate is being compiled when that compiler error is generated, and what is the file/line number that generates the error?

One possible situation is that both your library and your executable binary contain the code that defines Trait_A, which would result in two distinct traits that confusingly have the same name.

Ah ha! I think that was exactly what was happening. I'm making progress again. Thank you for your response.

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