Most Complete and/or Erlang-like Actor Model?

Hey, all. It hasn't gone unnoticed that there are quite a few Actor-based projects on Github and Crates. So many in fact, it's hard to sort out the best options for use in your projects. I'm looking for one that I would recognize as feature-complete, from the perspective of someone who has used Actors in Elixir/Erlang. Looking for advice. Thanks.

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You can have a look at Ractor, which is still maintained and aims to provide an Erlang-like actor model in Rust.

If you want to keep the full Elixir development experience, it might be better to stick to Erlang and then write performance-critical sections in Rust. You can use Rustler to bridge the two languages.

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Having looked at way too many actor frameworks, I decided to use coerce-rs. I couldn't figure out how to make ractor actually work as a cluster. The docs aren't great and the community around it isn't responsive, unfortunately. Coerce does most of what I want, even if it's not exactly parity with Erlang. I wasn't looking for interface compatibility with erlang actors as much as I was looking for feature completeness. Thanks.

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There's also if you want someone doing something a bit more ambitious.


I like this! Thanks for sharing.

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