Most advanced shell written in Rust?

Is it GitHub - nushell/nushell: A new type of shell , or are there others I should look at ?

why do you want a shell written in Rust ?

I want an extensible shell, and Rust's type system makes it easy to read new code.

I use ion as my default shell on Linux. It is buggy in scripting but works flawlessly as a shell.

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The main issue with ion is that it hasn't been updated in more than 2 years.
Personally I think that the thing that's used as a daily driver should at least be actively developed.

I have complained about the lack of development of Ion. But, I have no issues with Ion when used as a shell. Also, Ion is the shell for Redox OS, which project has not been abandoned.

Ion looks 95% finished but it seems that they are now focused on developing other elements of the system and no one's willing to finish that missing 5%. It's MIT-licensed so anyone is free to fork it and finish the job.

I've used nushell a bit and it's interesting and looks actively developed. It is a bit of a radical departure for those used to bash, zsh, or similar, seemingly modeled somewhat after Windows' Powershell. I'm not saying Powershell doesn't have some interesting features - easy scripting of .Net objects being the most obvious, but as a shell Powershell kind of still sucks. That said, I haven't used nushell enough to really have a strong opinion on it.

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Nushell has been fine for me in the past few hours. I think this is because I use the shell less than I think I use the shell.

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