Modify values in function that run several times internally

I would like to modify the value inside the function that call function several times internally, how can I achieve it?

It works fine if I run Function once, (without Copy)

But, if I would like to run Function several times, I need Copy on Function
Then, errors occur,

note: std::marker::Copy is implemented for &u32, but not for &mut u32

I have no idea how to go any further.


fn print_string<F>(f: F)
    F: FnOnce() + Copy,
    for i in 0..2 {
    // Wwork fine if we run F once
    // f();
fn main() {
    // some others value that initialize here
    let mut call_func_time: u32 = 0;

    print_string(|| {
        // modify the value, this function will call several times, so we can't initialize the values here.
        // and the value will only be modified by this function called.
        call_func_time += 1;
        println!("{}", format!("{}", call_func_time))

FnOnce is for one-time-use function, hence its name contains Once. I've modified your code to make it work.

FnOnce() + Copy can be seen as they can be called multiple times, but actually the value f is copied out implicitly whenever it's called, since it's Copy. I'd highly recommend to read the Copy docs carefully.

And also the book has a chapter for those Fn* traits. It would be worth to read again this chapter.

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