Missing RLS Config file (Eclipse)

I have installed Eclipse for Rust and would like to use it for development. However, the content assist by RLS (such as code completion and highlighting) doesn’t work. As I was looking at the settings for Rust (Window > Preferences > Rust), I noticed that the RLS config is pointing to a nonexistent file at ~/.cargo/rls.conf. Does anyone know where I can find the RLS config file? (Please don’t recommend other IDE’s. I am aware that there are others, but I would like to use Eclipse.)

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I actually don’t use eclipse, but for some reason I have it installed, could you point me to what plugin/extension you are using?
Nevermind, I just learned that it’s a binary on its own… :yum:

I’m not sure what you’re talking about with a ~/.cargo/rls.conf file, but I got it working fine (Albeit on windows and not on linux/mac/whatever you’re using) Here’s all that I have in my equivalent of ~/.cargo
and rust eclipse seems to be working fine, in fact it’s actually a bit faster at its error-detection capabilities than vscode which I use now. I’d just recommend re-installing it here is the place I downloaded this from. Note that this is a direct link to the page that offers the download button, so in the future this will be out of date.

Thanks for the advice. It turns out that installing Eclipse 2018-12 fixed the problem. A discussion of this issue is found here.

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