Mio v0.5 released, now with Windows support


I just released Mio v0.5 to crates.io! For those who aren’t familiar with it yet, Mio is a lightweight non-blocking IO library for Rust.

This is the first version with Windows support, so I would love help trying it out and finding bugs :smile:

Get it here: https://github.com/carllerche/mio


What is new in Mio v0.5 ?



@tshepang pointed out the changelog (though I know notice that I have to add the release date).

Windows support is the big thing :smile: There aren’t really any more features to add to Mio before 1.0 Anything else should go in a higher level library IMO.


Any other internal changes @carllerche? I had a working server in 0.4.4, but in 0.5, my receive calls always return 0 bytes.

let mut buf = Vec::with_capacity(4096); match socket.recv_from(&mut buf) { Ok(Some((count, addr))) => { debug!("Received {} bytes from {}", count, addr); trace!("{:?}", buf); return Some((addr, buf)) }, Ok(None) => { debug!("Server socket not ready to receive"); return None}, Err(e) => { error!("Receive failed {:?}", e); return None}, };

e.g. Received 0 bytes from


@carllerche I changed the Vec to let mut buf: [u8; 512] = [0;512]; and now I get the data. Expected?


I’m assuming that recv_from takes a slice. with_capacity makes room for the vector, but it doesn’t set its length, and slices can’t grow.