Migrating from `tokio_core` => `tokio`

I have been on and off trying to convert our project from tokio_core over to tokio and seem to have reached a wall with my current understanding. I'd like to get to tokio 0.2 in the end, but trying to first get to tokio 0.1 so I can use tokio-compat and migrate module wise.

The issue I seem to be facing is with finding a way to refactor tokio_core::reactor::Handle::spawn() to the tokio.

The current logic is to pass the old tokio_core::Handle to a reference counted Session that then wraps a Session::spawn() around Handle::spawn() like so:

pub fn spawn<F, R>(&self,f: F)
    F: FnOnce(&Handle) -> R + Send + 'static,
    R: IntoFuture<Item = (), Error = ()>,
    R::Future: 'static,

Then, a thread can spawn a future by calling with a closure session.spawn(|| {}). My initial effort to port this over to tokio 0.1 was to change from tokio_core::reactor::Handle::spawn() to current_thread::spawn(). So instead of a closure, session.spawn() directly took futures. But this fails when trying to spawn futures from a different thread, with Err(SpawnError { is_shutdown: true }) (as expected now that I revisit my code). I can't also seem to pass the new tokio::runtime::current_thread::Handle::spawn and spawn tasks with this, as Send is required for the spawned future (unlike the old tokio_core::reactor::Handle::spawn()).

I also tried to wrap the Future from the other thread in a futures::future::lazy, but that doesn't seem to work as well, as the wrapped Future doesn't implement Send

I am now trying to revisit the closure approach that worked with tokio_core, but I am facing issues with the closure

// Spawn a (!Send) future directly
    // pub fn spawn<F>(&self, f: F)
    // where
    //     F: Future<Item = (), Error = ()> + 'static,
    // {
    //     // This fails when called from a different thread
    //     current_thread::spawn(f)
    // }

// Pass in a closure
pub fn spawn<F, R>(&self,f: F)
    F: FnOnce() -> R + Send + 'static,
    R: Future<Item = (), Error = ()> +  'static,
    // This fails when the Future doesn't implement Send
    // let spawn_res = self.0.handle.spawn(f);

    let mut te = current_thread::TaskExecutor::current();
    let spawn_res = te.spawn_local(Box::new(f));

    match spawn_res {
        Ok(_) => (),
        Err(e) => error!("Session SpawnErr {:?}", e),

but I don't seem to be able to successfully pass this closure, with multiple issues about Sync not being implemented:

error[E0277]: `std::cell::Cell<bool>` cannot be shared between threads safely
   --> audio\src\fetch.rs:156:17
156 |         session.spawn(move || {
    |                 ^^^^^ `std::cell::Cell<bool>` cannot be shared between threads safely
    = help: within `librespot_core::session::SessionInternal`, the trait `std::marker::Sync` is not implemented for `std::cell::Cell<bool>`

What am I missing?

PS: Thanks for the initial help from gitter and /r/rust
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Hey! I'm the poster from reddit. Generally I will strongly recommend that you build your futures such that they can be sent between threads. Can you perhaps show the data structure that contains the Cell<bool> and how you use it? A future with a cell should be ok, but once you have a &Cell or Arc<Cell> in your future, you're in trouble.

I have managed to get it working, thanks to the tips from @alice over on discord:

so the issue is this: docs.rs/tokio/0.1.22/tokio/runtime/current_thread/struct.Handle.html#impl-Sync
The issue is not present in 0.2: docs.rs/tokio/0.2.13/tokio/runtime/struct.Handle.html
If you want to make it work with 0.1, you can put the Handle in a mutex
So I guess the issue is that the tokio 0.1 current thread handle went halfway to multi-thread safety, so it made your object less thread safe while requiring it should be more thread safe

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