Microtome, or oxidizing 3D printing

What is a microtome? It's a device used to thinly section biological samples for microscopy. I figured it was a fitting name for something 3D printing related. :grinning:

So after several years of puttering around, learning Rust, and finally getting paid to use Rust, I've decided to dust off this idea again.

I've created a github organization and team called "Microtome" along with a very basic website ( just a basic message right now ) and I'm looking for other people who might interested in working towards the goal of rustifying 3D printing under a common umbrella.

I'd like to gather interested people/parties, decide how formal we'd like to make this, and I'm more than happy to turn the website into a space for links to related projects, etc.


You might want to reach out to @hannobraun. He's working on a CAD application in Rust and from experience, the CAD being used to generate models tends to be pretty closely coupled to your CAM package and hardware.

Also, can you update your original post with links to the GitHub organisation and website?


Okay, I'll get the website populated a bit more. It's basically the barest of bare landing pages.

Thanks for the ping, @Michael-F-Bryan!

As Michael said, I'm working on a CAD application, and I'm absolutely interested to integrate slicing and CAM features there one day. But it will be a long time, if ever, before I can put any work into this myself. There's just so much other stuff to do.

For now, my priority is to provide a stable basis that others can build upon. Maybe that means that someone can integrate slicing based on Microtome into Fornjot one day!

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