Metrics on Rust adoption?


Is anyone familiar with articles or webpages that contain metrics about Rust adoption? Trying to find some good data points to determine the rate at which Rust is “catching on”, trends, etc.


Here’s an interesting graph: :slight_smile:


There was and recently

We don’t lean on SO as much as other languages do, and so that hurts us in these benchmarks.


We are also faring pretty well in the latest IEEE spectrum charts:


I think Redmonk is using all-time SO tag counts, helping give more “established” languages staying power on the charts. So depending on SO less than other languages is probably a factor, but I suspect Rust’s (stable) age is a bigger factor. See rust vs lua vs coldfusion - Rust’s current monthly SO volume is about on par with Lua and about ~2x that of coldfusion, both of which are several positions higher on the Redmonk vertical access.

Overall I still like Redmonk’s approach - I just think the story it tells has a bias toward language longevity (over the duration of time that SO and Github have existed).