Method reference from (NOT to) a local variable

use regex::Regex;
use std::collections::HashMap;

/// Count occurrences of words.
pub fn word_count(words: &str) -> HashMap<String, u32> {
    let word_re = Regex::new(r"\d+|([a-zA-Z]+(?:'??[a-zA-Z]+))").unwrap();

        .flat_map(|w| word_re.find_iter(w))
        .map(|w| w.as_str().to_lowercase())
        .fold(HashMap::new(), |mut freq, w| {
            *freq.entry(w).or_default() += 1;

flat_map(word_re::find_iter) fails compilation with "use of undeclared crate or module word_re". What is the correct syntax for using a method reference from a local variable?

It's impossible, since "method reference" is not a bare function, but essentially a closure which captures the object it's called on.

That's unexpected, languages like Java can do it just fine. word_re does have an associated method find_iter. That said, I'm just learning, so, I'm going to let it slide as a design limitation.

Languages like Java are fine with creating the closures implicitly, I'd say that's the difference.


Note that, although it doesn't lead to the concision you were looking for, it is possible to call find_iter like this:

Regex::find_iter(&word_re, w)

If you want to read more about this way of calling methods, it is called "Universal Function Call Syntax"

For the special case of a method without any extra parameters, you can use this syntax where you might otherwise use a closure such as str::to_lowercase in this version of part of your code:

        .flat_map(|w| Regex::find_iter(&word_re, w))
        .map(|w| w.as_str())
        .fold(HashMap::new(), |mut freq, w| {
            *freq.entry(w).or_default() += 1;

Unfortunately, replacing |w| w.as_str() with the analogous regex::Match::as_str does not work, because as_str expects a reference:

12  |         .map(regex::Match::as_str)
    |          --- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    |          |   |
    |          |   expected signature of `fn(regex::Match<'_>) -> _`
    |          |   found signature of `for<'r> fn(&'r regex::Match<'_>) -> _`
    |          required by a bound introduced by this call

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