Method not found in `Result<File, std::io::Error>`

This section of the program writes to a .txt file, but i get that error.


let mut world_file = File::create(layer_path);
world_file.write_all("testing".as_bytes()).expect("Uh Oh....");


File::create returns a Result as it may fail. You will have to either handle the possible error, propagate it out of the current function using the ? operator, or panic on errors using .expect("failed to create file").

I did use .expect though, do i need to use the ? operator?

You used .expect on the write_all call, but not on the File::create call.

I put .expect on the end of the create file function, but:

error[E0061]: this function takes 1 argument but 0 arguments were supplied
--> src/
101 | let mut world_file = File::create(layer_path).expect();
| ^^^^^^- supplied 0 arguments
| |
| expected 1 argument
note: associated function defined here

.expect requires a string argument. Try let mut world_file = File::create(layer_path).expect("failed to create file");

Ok, Fixed it!

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