Meta q: non-front-page "offtopic, but technical" question forum?

What it be possible to have a tag for "technical question; developer tools; but not Rust" tag ?

  1. such questions would not hit front page
  2. such questions are only visible when user specifically clicks on the category

It's mostly for technical questions of the form: I'm sure other developers have run into this technical issue; someone on the site probably has a good solution; but it has nothing to do with Rust.

Anecdotal but if it's not on the front page, I'll never see it / look for it. Users can also already mute categories they don't care about (Preferences > Categories).


True, but I think it would be worse to spam "technical, but not Rust" questions to people who only consented to reading Rust questions.

For example, I'm working on a Rust application that deals with a large amount of data. I have a sys-admin / bash-scripting issue. I'm 99% confident that 10%+ of the people here have dealt with the same issue. Hoever, I would consider it spam to force people who never agreed to read non-Rust questions to read that question.

This is the motivation for suggesting the tag be "off front page".

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I think this is a weakness of Discourse's model of forums. In other forum's software (such as old phpBB) this issue does not exists since the front page is composed entirely of user defined categories and sub categories.

If your question isn't focused on Rust, asking on Reddit or another forum would probably be the solution.

Discourse has Categories - The Rust Programming Language Forum which shows all categories on the front page. Next to that it does still show a list of recent topics, but you can easily click on a category and then only see topics for that category. AFAIK there is a config option to make this the default. I have seen several discourse forums where it is the default.

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