An IDE for Rust

Hello. I'll announce a new Rust IDE,
It has got a simple interface written in Python, Kivy.
It's link:

Github page:


Good to see another IDE :slight_smile: . It'll be great if you can show some screenshots on the github page.

Could you add some kind of installation instructions? I was able to run it only with some trial and error (by manually installing kivy, kivy.deps.sdl2 and kivy.deps.glew), this is not very obvious (or should I have done this with the help of pyinstaller)?

upd: pyinstaller didn't help, by the way - only the direct launch through python worked.

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Yes you are right. I'll add some scrrenshots.

I am working on adding dependencies to the repository and a run.bat.
I update this message when it is done.

Update: You can use run.bat to run easily and you don't need to install dependencies.

Tons of deps…

From a first glance it seems as if I have to install windows and python at least…

No. You don't need to install Python. Only run run.bat.
It is made with Kivy, so it is normal to seeing many dependencies.

Oh, it vendors its own python... It still depends on windows... And 20+ gig is nothing I'd call "no dependencies".

Any plans to make it available for Mac os and Linux?

I must vendor a Python because everyone hasn't got a Python.
And yes, I'm going to make it's Linux and Mac OS versions.

You do not need to vendor it… Especially not in your git repository…

Just make clear as butter cream that python needs to be installed, or provide a proper windows installation program that optionally is able to install python.

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Good idea. An installation screen would be better and cleaner. Thanks for this good idea.