MessagePack and Serde friendship

Hi all!

I'd like to introduce a new 0.6.0 version of RMP (Rust MessagePack) library with a major additions:

  • Initial support for Serde serializer and deserializer (thanks erickt for this).
  • Efficient bytes serialization with Serde using Bytes wrapper directly to msgpack's Binary type.
  • Efficient binaries deserialization with Serde using ByteBuf.
  • Rust serialize Decoder now can provide the underlying reader both by reference or by value, destroying itself in the last case.

Also as we know RFC-1214 has landed to improve rules for projections and well-formedness. RMP had some warnings associated with this improvement, but I've fixed them.

Currently I am going to split the current Big crate into the three smaller: core, rserialize and serde. Also I want to to find out what MessagePack-RPC is and (maybe) to write one more implementation.

Still I'd like to hear suggestions or feature requests.