Message passing information

Hello everyone,

On this page of the documentation I can read this : "Once you’re familiar with the technique, you could use channels to implement a chat system or a system where many threads perform parts of a calculation and send the parts to one thread that aggregates the results.". I'm not sure to understand. Can I send data to another computer using the standard Message passing structure of Rust ? Or is it just a message send to another thread of my computer ?

Thank you !

You can only use the standard channels within one process on one computer.

Okay thank you ! But in this case, it's impossible to create a chat system ! No ?

Well you can build something where threads chat with each other :slight_smile:

But of course, you can also use the networking types in std::net to create a server and connect them up over the internet, which you could use to create a cross-computer message passing system.

You said exactly what I was hoping for ! :grinning: Thank you ! Have a nice day !

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