Merge 2 arrays into bigger array

I want to merge 2 arrays together and I was wondering if there was any better way than just iterating over them and copying them. In the end, I want to simply merge those 2 arrays and end up with a bigger one containing all of their values in order.

// Based on your original code
fn main() {
    let mut first = [0_u8; 10];
    let second = [1; 4];


Note that in Rust, indexing is 0-based.

Appending would be something different and you'd probably want a Vec.

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Thanks for the incredibly fast answer. I kindof went and used a vec to do the job but this inspired me to check a theory of just copying 2 arrays into a bigger one. I wonder if that would 1. work and 2. be faster than using a vec. Again, thank you for the help.

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