Mentoring newcomers to the Rust ecosystem

Like said @skade, the rustbook has been translated into a fews languages already (korean, russian and spanish if I remember well) but not yet in french. It might be a good thing to start such a translation (I was thinking about doing it soon).

I finally started the translation of rustbook. The repo is here. Once again, any help is very welcome !

Are we talking about OpenHatch?

Assume I am a newcomer, which I am. I want to help fixing simple bugs in rust tools. Where do I start?

Is there a list of 'easy hacks' which newcomers can start with?

I think OpenHatch is a great initiative, but folks I've helped have never had good experiences with finding stuff to do there (There's a lot of flooding of bugs from some projects, among other issues). Could just be bad luck.

We of course could continue to post our bugs there, but I'd like to have a page for mentorship with a personal touch.

There are a bunch of easy bugs on rustfmt, cargo, and clippy. I'm not too familiar with rustfmt/cargo internals, so I can't identify which of the bugs are easier than the other ones, but this is a random clippy bug that should be doable. Generally if you want to pick up a bug, leave a comment on the issue and ask any questions you may have :smile:

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